Motorola Nexus 6 Giveaway Winners Announcement!

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Hey folks! As you now today we are supposed to announce the winners of Nexus 6 Giveaway contest which started two months back.

We got a very nice response from the visitors and some of the answers were really very interesting and I wish we could have more devices to giveaway but unfortunately we had just five, but we will definitely try to come up with a bigger number next time.

Words used in this article
Words used in this article

We can’t share the answers given by winners because it might cause conflicts, as it has caused in past. We wish we could give some rewards to you as well, but sadly we can’t. We will try to get some t-shirts for you guys but I can’t assure you of that. Keep on checking your mails, you might get one.So here are some of the answers which the jury wanted to give special mentions to.

For those who don’t remember, the question was “Why do you think Nexus 6 is the best Nexus phone ever made?”

Answer by Rohit Parashar

Nexus 6 comes with the latest android version and touch less controls. It has a great screen, gorilla glass 3 for extra protection.

With the latest Android Version and 805 chip set it is the fastest android smart phone which is ever made.

It has internal memory of 32GB . The display is sharply amazing with 493 PPI , 2K Amoled Screen. The 13 MP camera seems amazing. I haven’t use or operated Nexus 6 before but I can surely tell that this is the best android phone ever made by looking at its specifications. Every thing is better in this phone whether it is the camera or processor, display or its latest fastest, smoothest operating system and refined user interface nexus 6 is the best Android smart phone ever made.


Answer by Sanjeev Kulkarni

It’s a product from Google!First and foremost the Nexus 6 is BIG. And when I say big, I mean it’s really freaking BIG. It’s bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4,

The Nexus 6 is also the most premium-looking Nexus Google has produced, with its attractive metal trim, porthole-style camera lens surround, and high-quality poly carbonate chassis and back panel. If you’ve seen the 2014 Moto X,

In the past I have always depended on both a smart phone and a tablet to get me through my daily routine. This was terribly inefficient. Buying, maintaining (applying app and OS updates), and accessorizing (screen protectors, cases) is a horrible waste of time, resources, bandwidth, and – ultimately – money. Unfortunately, I used my phone and tablet for separate and distinct tasks.

Answer by Leenus

The reason why Nexus 6 is the best smart phone ever made is its design and size – viewing pictures and watching films just looks better on a bigger and better screen. The Nexus 6’s 6inch 2560 x 1440 (2k) AMOLED display handles anything thrown at it well.

Apart from the specs department, Motorola’s now trademark rounded design makes the bigger device more ergonomic, too. It fits more comfortably in one hand than the squared design of the iPhone 6 Plus, and the plastic matte finish means its less likely to slip out of your hand like its all-metal competitors.

Finally, it’s a Google product!! that makes it even great!!

Answer by Fatmir Kuci

Nexus 6 is a new smart phone with many characteristics like no other smart phone,starting from the specifications, the size, the design etc.
About its size, it really is a handful of a phone, measuring 83mm across, a huge 159mm tall and 10.1mm thick. And it weighs a not inconsiderable 184g – making it the heaviest phone we have seen in quite a while.
In my opinion, the Nexus 6 is all about the screen. The resolution of this enormous screen is Quad HD – that’s 1,440 pixels across and 2,560 down.
About it’s performance, the Nexus 6 is one of the fastest mobile SoCs that Qualcomm produces – a quad-core Snapdragon 805, running at 2.7GHz with 3GB of RAM and an Adreno 420 GPU.
Battery life is also a great feature of this phone. For light- and moderate-use scenarios, it’s excellent. With a battery capacity of 3,220mAh, if being into flight mode, according to the reviews, the battery falls at a rate of 6.8% per hour.
The Nexus 6’s camera looks decent, too. The rear camera has a top resolution of 13 megapixels, an f/2 lens, 4K video recording, optical image stabilisation (OIS), and a dual-LED ring flash. The front-facing camera can capture 2-megapixel stills and 1080p video.
The Nexus 6 has a 4G support for download speeds of up to 300Mbits/sec and uploads of 50Mbits/sec. There’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which can hit speeds between 8MB/sec and 9MB/sec when reading a large movie file at close range from a network share. NFC is covered, too, as is Bluetooth 4.1, and you also get SlimPort for HDMI output via the phone’s USB port.
All in all, The Nexus’6 battery life is good, the camera is excellent, and the build and design quality are second to none. And although its rivals hold an edge over it in some areas, the differences aren’t huge.

Now lets not waste more words and come to the announcement part.

So after lot of rounds of checking answers and continuous activity tracking we have finally come up with the name of winners. And there names are as listed below.

  • Abhishek Verma from India
  • Bhaskar Sharman from India
  • Venus Luke from Australia
  • Kevin Rodriguez from Berlin
  • Eric Page from Italy

We have sent the couriers to the winners and have requested them to share a selfie with the Nexus 6 , we will be sharing them on our social media pages as soon as we get them.

I know how sad you might be feeling sad for not being one of them. But believe me this is not the last competition of your life and there is a lot more to come so stay tuned with us.

Keep following us so that we can inform you of the upcoming giveaways as soon as we decide one.


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    Congrats to all the winners