What’s new in Android 5.1?

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Recently Google released the system images of Android 5.1 for some of the Nexus devices and thus Android 5.1 is now officially out and manufacturers are now in a race to make it available to their users as soon as possible. You can expect manufacturers like Motorola rolling it out by the start of next month.

Along with a lot of bug fixes Google has also done a lot of tweaks with the Lollipop making it more easy-to-use and user-friendly.

Below is the list of top 5 changes I noticed:

 1. Quick WiFi and Bluetooth Settings in the notification bar

Now you can choose the WiFi and Bluetooth devices to which you want to connect even from the notification bar. Thus you won’t have to go to  the settings every time you want to switch between your WiFi or Bluetooth connections.

You will notice small arrows under the WiFi and Bluetooth toggle icons. Clicking on them will lead you to a mini menu sort of thing which shows a list of connections available to you.

I think this is gonna be very useful to a lot of people who switch between connections frequently.

Quick Settings in Android 5.1

2.  Change system volume even while playing audio/video

As you might have noticed we can’t change the system volume while playing a song. But Android 5.1 will let you do that. Believe me this is not as tricky as it sounds and might not sound important to everyone but it is for certain users.

3. Swipe up the notification to read it later

Now you can swipe up a notification if you don’t want to dismiss it or read it later. This will allow users to continue doing what they are doing without missing up the notifications.

For example while playing a game you can simply swipe up the notifications to read it later.

4. Improved priority notifications

The priority notifications were one of the good features in Android 5.0 and Google just made it better by adding the ability to mute notifications till your next alarm.

This will help you to stop notifications when you to sleep and automatically resume them when you plan to wake up.

You can take use of this feature the most with your Android Wear watch.

Priority Notifications

5.  Multi SIM and HD voice capabilities

Yes Android finally supports HD Voice calling in Android 5.1. This is currently supported with very few devices and will be supported with almost every new phone with LTE support lined up to launch.

Google has also added Dual Sim Support to Android so that manufacturers won’t need to do tweaks to support dual sim. This was much-needed for developing countries like India where people use multiple sims to save over data charges.

Multi Sim Supoort in Android 5.1


This is not it there are a lot of other changes which were made in Android 5.1. I won’t be able to mention all of them here so I have listed them below for you.

  • New animations for Auto-Rotate/Portrait mode toggle in quick settings.
  • Change (system) volume while audio/video is playing. Before you couldn’t do that.
  • New Animations in clock app.
  • Swiping outside of Quick settings will now unlock the phone.

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[Via: The next web and Techno Buffalo]

Sharing is caring <3Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedIn
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