Top 5 features of Android Lollipop

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Top 5 features of Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop is one of the highly revamped Android update ever. Android  Lollipop has created high anticipation in the Android arena since its release as a developer preview. Android Lollipop was announced on October 15th on company’s official blog. You can check my overview on Android Lollipop here.

Android Lollipop.
A sweet release

Lollipop was numbered 5.0 and this iteration was done after 3 years since the release of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Though there were 2 more upgrades after the ICS release namely Jelly Bean(2012) and KitKat(2013). This iteration was done because Lollipop is based on a completely new design.

There are thousands of improvements made in the aspect of design, actually a whole new design called Material Design was introduced. But below I talk about the the Top 5 Features that Android Lollipop brings to the table.

1. Screen Pinning

One of the biggest fear you face while you give your phone to someone is that they will go through your private pictures and videos. For example you would never want your friend to see your pictures with his ex-girlfriend.

Thus Google brought Screen Pinning which allows you to pin a particular app to the screen and while you have pinned one app to the screen your friend won’t be able to use any other app.

You can get out the pinning mode by pressing a set of physical or even on-screen buttons and then entering a pin.

It works by removing the functionality of menu and recent apps button aka overview button ( in Lollipop).

Screen Pinning in Android Lollipop Screen Pinning in Android 5.0


2. Multiple Users

If you are using a tablet in a family,  you will definitely love this feature because this feature allows you to create multiple accounts on the same device, each user will get his/her space and  can use it to- customize, download different apps and so on.

The prototype of this feature was also added in Android 4.2 JellyBean but was removed in later updates due to some reasons and now its back with lots of improvements.

Add New user in Android Lollipop

This feature will allow lots of users to keep their data private and secure while they share their device.

Android Lollipop allows you to create 3 types of accounts:

1) Standard

This type of account will have full access to apps and settings like the primary user of the device.

2)Guest or Temporary Account

This type of account uses sessions, and when a session ends all the data created by temporary user/guest will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

3)Profile Account

This type of account lets the primary user to decide how the device will be used, he/she can disable certain apps or even restrict phone calls for this type of account. This type of account can be used for parental control.


3. Apps Overview

Multitasking just got better in Android Lollipop because now recent apps is called Overview and as the name says, now you can have the complete overview of the running apps when you press the overview (recent apps) button.

For example- You have five tabs open in Chrome. And you press the overview button, you will see all the five tabs as different apps and you can close them individually.

Apps Overview in Android L














And Google has added such 5000 API’s which developers can use and bring such features for their apps.

4. Android Smart Lock

This is one of my favorite features of Android Lollipop and is more efficient when used with any Android Smart watch. This feature allows your phone to unlock itself while its in your hand, so now your phone won’t ask for a password when you have your Android watch in your hand or when you are at your home.

This feature uses Bluetooth and thus can be used with multiple Bluetooth devices including Chromebooks.

Smart Lock in Android Lollipop













Thus when you are at home and your partners phone is nearby, you won’t be asked for a password to unlock your phone.

5.Heads Up Notifications

Those who read my previous article will already have the basic idea about this feature.

Heads up notifications stops notifications from annoying you and shows a minimal popup box on the screen of the same app.

This feature was best explained in Google I/O 2014. The demonstrator was playing a Piano Tiles and in midst of it he gets a phone call. Before Android Lollipop the game will simply minimize and the screen and the whole screen will display the callers picture and the buttons or the actions you can do with that call. But in Android 5.0 Lollipop your game won’t pause and a small pop up box will be displayed on a small part of your screen and you can continue playing the game or you can accept the call if you want.

Keynote heads up notification

There were lot other features added in Android Lollipop including the new Battery Saving mode, Lock screen notifications, etc but its hard to list each of them here.

Do tell us your favourite feature in Android Lollipop and you can also comment with a feature you would love to have in next update of Android.

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