iOS App Development Resource list you can’t afford to miss

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As much as you would love to have a career in iOS app design and development, the truth remains that learning it throws some serious challenges at you. Without a clear understanding about the basics of iOS app programming, you can’t come up with a fabulous app that can meet and even exceed the expectations of the potential end-user. For your convenience, I’ve written this blog which makes you familiar with finest iOS App development resources that turn befitting for every novice iOS developer who’s trying hard to find his way out towards delivering iOS applications that are both eye-appealing as well as fully-functional. So, let’s get started and dig deep into the incredible resources that are made available for developers who want to grow their prospects in the field of iOS App development.


  1. Online Resources

iOS app development has become an increasingly in demand skill among  developers. Having sold a record of number of iPhones last year, Apple is quite confident about ruling the smartphone world in the coming years as well. If you hop onto the World Wide Web, you’ll find an incredible range of iOS app development resources that serve as the best means of gaining an in-depth knowledge about the tips and tricks of building fantastic iOS applications.

  •– This is a website that offers a wide range of video tutorials on iOS and the Objective C programming language. With a whopping count of over 2,864 videos, Lynda offers you unlimited access to courses that are custom-made for developers engaged in developing apps for different purposes.


  • With over 12,000 people already having signed up for receiving notifications from DesignThenCode, this online guide serves as the perfect partner of developers who’re aiming for the creation of stunning iOS apps for different types of clients. Since the year 2011, DesignThenCode has witnessed over 350,000 people who’ve learned the art of designing and developing brilliant apps for iPhones and iPads. All DesignThenCode guides are choreographed by professional iOS designers and developers who possess years and years of experience in delivering iOS applications. Motion Design for iOS is first-of-its kind guide that explains all the immersive animations for an iOS application.


  • NSScreencasts – NSScreencasts serve as excellent screencasts that cover a variety of advanced topics for iOS developers. The website serves as a great hub for videos that render perfect learning practices for developers thinking about building a career in the iOS App development industry. With a subscription service cost of $9 per month, NSScreencasts comes up as the best option for learning iOS App development in and out.


  • Stanford iOS Development CS 193P – This is an online resource worth choosing to build your career in iOS app development. With Stanford iOS Development CS 193P, you can gather the opportunity of learning with the students of Stanford University. You can download lectures, notes, homework etc. in addition to participating in online classes held by the university’s proficient teaching staff.


  •  TeamTreehouse is an easy to use website that allows you to learn HTML, iPhone apps, CSS and a lot more. With this website, you can learn the technique of building websites and applications. You can avail the free trial offer to enjoy the multiple benefits of learning new iOS development skills.


  1. Blogs
  • My App Venture

Owned and operated by Scotty Ruth, My App Venture is a blog that talks about everything that’s happening in the world of iOS development. Each blog post published on My App Venture is equipped with videos and links that aid you in learning the basics about developing apps for the iOS mobile platform.

  • iPhone Development

iPhone Development is a blog that comprises of detailed tutorials on undertaking flawless iOS development. Owned and operated by Jeff Lamarche, iPhone Development has become the number one choice of iOS developers who’re looking for tricks on pacing up the iOS app development projects.

  • Mobile Orchard

This is one of the best iPhone developer blog available over the web. Written by proficient bloggers DanGridsby and Ari Braginsky, Mobile Orchard features excellent information about the best techniques of developing fabulous iOS applications.

  • 71squared

Tailor-made for iPhone game developers, 71squared has some of the great tutorials on developing iPhone gaming applications. The frequently updated status of this blog will definitely prompt you to check it out on a repetitive basis.

  • iCode Blog

This is a blog featuring some of the best iPhone app building tutorials. Loaded with both newbie tutorials as well as multi-part advanced tutorials, iCode is a must-visit blog for all those who want to learn the breadth of iOS development concepts.

  1. Books

Well, books serve as the best tools for grabbing in-depth know-how about programming applications for the iOS mobile platform. Two of the best-selling books available for iOS app development professionals include:

  • Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

This is one of the best books for getting started with Objective C programming language. The Kindle version of this book serves as an amazing knowledge hub for designing and developing iOS applications.

  • iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

In continuation to the wave created by the book named Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, this one is a must-have for every iOS developer. Based on programming methods followed for the latest iOS7 version, you can’t afford to miss this book if you’re intending on learning the intricacies of iOS design and Xcode.

  • Pragmatic Programmers iPhone SDK Development

Although still in its beta version, Pragmatic Programmers iPhone SDK Development is a fantastic book that deals with all the ins and outs related to iOS App development using the iPhone SDK. You can always choose the PDF version of the book for getting an in-depth insight into using iPhone SDK(Software Development Kit).

  • The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook: Building Applications with the iPhone SDK

This book is loaded with code snippers that allow developers to gather a detailed know-how about using the iPhone SDK in the right way. With some minor(already resolved) code blunders, this book demonstrates the best technique of programming applications for the iPhone.

  • Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X

Assuming that you know a bit of C/C++, Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X is a book that deals with getting started with Apple’s developer frameworks. All the concepts that you learn after reading this book work as handy guidelines during iOS development.


Although you can get a lot of support from the resources mentioned above, there’s nothing better than simply looking for parts of the online tutorials that will allow you to build your own app in the perfect way. Once you’re thorough about the best practices of iOS app development, building an awesome app won’t seem to be a challenge anymore.


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Rick Brown is a technical content writer associated with Mobiers Ltd – a renowned iPhone Application Development Services Provider. With his best assistance, you can also avail an experienced iPhone App Developer for Hire, in case you are looking forward for the same.


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