iOS 8 vs. Andorid L vs. Windows Phone 8.1-Best comparison

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iOS 8 vs. Andorid L vs. Windows Phone 8.1: What they have to offer

There have been developments in operating systems in the recent months and the top three mobile Operating System developers are in on track with their latest Operating systems yet. The most up-to-date trending Operating Systems are Google’s Android L (Android 5), Apple’s iOS 8 and lastly Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1. In this article, we will look at some of the exclusive features that make them worth to wait for

Windows 8.1


This OS comes with a lot of key updates and a variety of transformations in the User Interface. It rocks a new notification central that slides from the top, a feature that will make it easier for users to use their windows Smartphones. It also has a voice assistant, Fontana just like Apple’s Sire and users will now be able to command their Smartphones to do whatever task they want.  Users are also capable of selecting and putting custom background to the tiles. Some of the updates are the camera which will now have a burst mode and it will introduce a new podcast app. These are just some of the new features that make this OS a must have.

iOS 8


Apple’s iOS is expected in September and Apple will surely introduce new features and updates. One of the updates is the iMessages and now users will be able to send and receive messages from your Mac with the new feature. Also, if you are a group lover, you will now be able to send video and voice messages to groups and Apple has also added a mute option. Another new feature is family sharing, meaning that now you can share apps and music that you have purchased from iTunes using iCloud Drive. It also rocks a system that will monitor your health. Sire will also recognize music on its own as it will be integrated with Shazam.

Android L (Android 5)

android l

There is no much information about Android L yet but we expect Google to introduce some new features and updates.  It has a new feature that will now make users access notifications from the lock screen. This is a feature in Apple’s iOS. Also, Android L will also have an innovative way of closing apps that are open; Google will introduce a new card-like layout. One more new feature is accessing the notifications bar buttons which will now be swiped down as a replacement for the old clicking way. A spanking new battery saver mode will be brought in also.

Launch date

Among these three top companies, Microsoft was the first to release its Operating System, Windows Phone 8.1 which was launched on July. The second Operating System that we expect is Apple’s iOS 8 which is expected to be launched in September in an unknown date. Lastly, Google’s Android L which is also labeled Android 5 is expected to be launched on December also on an unknown date.

There you have it; these are just some of the features that come with these new Operating Systems. Be sure to comment and tell us which OS you prefer and why.

A guest post by Abhilash Thakur

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  • Leenus Nelleri

    After windows 8.1 Update, windows smart phones improved a lot! With the addition of native file manager, action center.. etc ! But I don’t know what android “L” really is!! Can any one help me? Is it comes next to jelly bean, kitkat series?

    • Thanks for the query Leenus, Android L is the upcoming version of Android after Kitkat. Actually Google follows a order in naming their android versions. Order goes like Froyo-Gingerbread-Honeycomb-ICS-Jellybean-Kitkat and now Android L.

  • Leenus Nelleri

    Thanks for clarifying my doubt 🙂