HTC ONE M8 Giveaway Winner Declaration

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Hey Folks! First of all I would like to wish all Indians a Happy Independence Day from my team and the sponsor of this giveaway. And secondly I would like to thank all of the participants for making this giveaway a successful giveaway.

We have got very good answers from all of you but some of the participants wrote excellent answers and I won’t mind having those participants as the content writers on our website 😉

Cover photo tech redefined

Here are some of the answers our jury would like to appreciate:

Answer by Bryan Chow

The HTC ONE M8 beats offers the cutting edge features that any Android user would want. First of all, the screen is just amazing. A 5 inch, 1080p screen offers crystal clear resolution with a very high pixel density. Perfect for images and movies. Second, the design is spectacular. The clean, industrial design that HTC has grown to be known for is perfected in the HTC One M8. It has a solid feel in your hand while remaining light and easy to use. It also has a stellar camera. Quick autofocus and clear optics make it easy to take high quality photos. No worries about blurriness or missing out on candid moments. The ability to take video is also excellent. Dual 4MP cameras provide more than enough resolution for stunning pictures. Finally, the battery life is just unbeatable. 14 hours talk time is a luxury among current age smart phones and allows you to use this phone all day long! 

Answer by Nattapong Anukonkan

There are a lot to like about the HTC One M8. I think HTC has a really good taste of producing a premium smartphone with functions that’s people actually want. I got a feeling that the team that designed the HTC One M8 has done a lot of homework before producing it. The iconic Boomsound on its predecessor has been improved for a better sound quality, the front facing camera that other phone maker seems to careless about is now shooting 5 mega pixels with a wide angel lens to fit more view and more people in the picture. The rear 4 mega pixels camera has ultrapixel sensor allowing more light in a low light environment where others are competing with higher pixels, but really, you don’t need 13 mega pixels to upload your photo on Facebook. With 4 mega pixels, HTC One M8’s shutter is very fast, so with its image gallery. The IR blaster on top on the phone is a very useful function that let you control your TV, stereo system, air conditioner, etc. Because I always find myself struggle to find the remote control, having the IR blaster on the phone is a big plus! The list of the function that I think the HTC One M8 beats any other smartphone goes on and on. I admired the HTC One M8 so much, and all of the specs and numbers I read would mean nothing if I haven’t actually owned one and experienced it myself, I hope this giveaway can fulfill my wish! 

Answer by Nikunj Joshi 

As a photography enthusiast, HTC One M8 another flagship beauty by HTC beats any other phone during the day and beats the other phones TWICE during nights, especially due to its unique Camera and amazing Low Light Photography efficiency. Love the Zoe camera and the Duo Camera feature as well. Also that classy look on the 90% Metal body and a microSD slot is a blessing. BoomSound and BlinkFeed upgrades, Stunning design, loads of power and some big upgrades; HTC’s done it again. Looking forward to get my hands on ONE M8 soon.

There a lot more excellent answers but we can’t share all of them here and we are sorry if we missed yours.

And now I don’t want you to wait more and I will like to share the name of winner. We won’t be sharing his answer on the website because we don’t want controversies regarding the selection of winner.

Winner of HTC ONE M8 Giveaway is Saatvik Shukla. He will be soon contacted on his email-id (sass4d** someone from our team and will be sent a HTC ONE M8(Bought from  and a tech|Redefined T-Shirt in 3 working days.

Don’t worry if you are not a winner because we are in a search for the sponsor for our next giveaway because we want our next giveaway to be a mass giveaway and we already tried contacting  some of the big names we will soon share the final name in upcoming days so stay tuned with us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates about the next giveaway.

We would love to have suggestions for our next giveaway and you can suggest multiple devices also because as I said next giveaway is going to be a mass giveaway.

Thank you for your contribution in helping us grow 🙂

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  • Leenus Nelleri

    No value for my shares… highly disappointed
    I have no smart phones yet … will win your next giveaway

    -your heart broken reader

    • Dude I am sorry but I already mentioned that sharing is not the only factor. Our jury decides winner according to the answer also.

      • Leenus Nelleri

        OK… I know my answer will be poor among those talened bloggers….. but I don’t thing the winner shared the post more than 2 times….

        Will be your reader …. will win your next giveaway

  • Swar Pathak

    Just a suggestion use rafflecopter widget to make a total random giveaway so that evryone has equal chance of winning.
    Btw iphone 5s would be nice for giveaway 🙂

    • Yes, We have used rafflecopter in past but this time we didn’t wanted a random winner. We have selected a winner based on the quality of his/her answer.

  • Leenus Nelleri

    My suggestion

    IPhone 5c/5s
    Moto g
    Lg g3 🙂

  • Madhav Phophaliya

    congrats to Saatvik
    feeling sad to lost again but hope to win atleast one device in your mass giveaway. because as they say ‘Hope should never die’ so i”l be back in your next competition to win a great device from your amazing website.
    Finally Thanks for the fair cometition & thanks for your sponsors hope you get many of them & do many more giveaways so that people like me can get a fair chance to win their dream devices.

    Sugestions for your Mass giveaway-
    LG G3
    HTC One M8
    Iphone 5S