Flappy bird: Most addictive game ever.

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Hey, By now you must have played Flappy Bird, if not you are definitely going to play it.

Flappy bird is a game developed by Nguyen Ha Dong( .Gears studios) a developer from Vietnam.Flappy birds

At first sight game looks to be easy but when you download and start playing it you will feel the game it may seem too difficult when you can’t go beyond the first hurdle but soon when you cross 2-3 you will start loving it and a time will come when you will forget about Candy Crush and Clash of the Clans.



Here are some of the screen shots of the game:

Flappy Birds 1 Flappy birds 2Flappy Birds 3flappy birds score sharing



You may be thinking that it’s quite similar to Mario Bros(A game you must have played if you are were born in 90’s), yes it is but because both the games are made with 8-bit graphics technology but its totally different in today’s gaming aspects because developers spend lots and lots of time and money in developing games like Dead trigger 2 ,Blood and Glory etc. with high quality graphics.


Surprisingly this game is developed with a very low-end technology but the idea behind this games makes it the most popular game on App Store with 2 more games by the same developer in the list of Top 10.


Flappy Birds tops the top 10 list at app store (itunes)


The main thing behind the success of this game was Twitter , Because #FlappyBirds was trending for a lot of time on twitter. Actually this is the best example of twitter #(HashTag) popularity. It can make a silly idea a best start up ever.

The developer himself is amazed by the success of his game over night and he can’t believe the fact that his three games are topping the list of Top apps on App store.

Tech crunch stats
Tech crunch stats

tech crunch stats

Download Flappy Bird on iOS or Android now.

Some of the proofs of popularity of Flappy Bird 🙂

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