Why is good web hosting necessary?

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       Need of good of webhosting:

altattributeFinding the appropriate hosting for your blog can be more difficult than you think. You have to achieve the perfect balance between the price, available bandwidth and storage, independence and support if you don`t want to either overpay on your hosting or provide a dissatisfactory service to your visitors. If you are running a media heavy website, one that has a large traffic or if you deal in ecommerce, your best choice may be opting for dedicated hosting. Short overview of the advantages of that type of hosting and some of it`s essential characteristics will be listed below along with some virtual hosting features.


Unlike shared and virtual hosting, which are probably the most common kinds of hosting out there, and which are perfectly capable of meeting the requirements of smaller websites and blogs, with dedicated hosting you are getting the entire physical server for yourself. This means that you have absolute control over server settings, and you don`t have to worry about whether you are sharing a server with websites that are blacklisted for some reason.

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Dedicated hosting providers offer plans with varied amounts of management on their part. Depending on your preferences you can choose to be heavily involved in the management of your server, including performing security updates and installing different patches or software, or leaving them almost completely out of server management and have their employees take care of everything. If you decide to get involved you need to know that most of the providers will offer up to 512GB of RAM, which is 30 times more than with VPS, and more processing power.

Having a dedicated server will allow you to get much more disk space than with VPS, enough for every type of blog or website. Dedicated hosting therefore ensures that you never reach a limit on your bandwidth. This is why smaller sites would do better with shared or Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, as they simply don`t need that much resources, so paying the higher price for dedicated hosting wouldn`t make sense. However, sites with heavier traffic or with demanding, difficult to load pages are actually using those resources, and having a bit of extra storage or bandwidth available just means that their visitors won`t have to wait until the pages load. Not only will this make your visitors happy, but the faster loading times will benefit you from an SEO perspective as well.

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Great Support

Even if you go with an unmanaged plan, you know that the provider values your blogging, and that they will go out of their way to keep you happy. This means that customer support is usually at a high level, which can be of critical importance in case of an emergency. Naturally, the exact of support that you can hope to get from a provider is just one of things that you need to check on before signing a plan. Researching your potential provider before signing on is an absolute must if you don`t want to end up with unreliable hosting.

Security and Prices

Most providers make sure to offer redundancies in terms of power and storage, so you are usually covered even in emergencies like power failures. Thanks to the fact that your server is isolated, you can host sensitive data because it is less vulnerable than in vps or shared hosting. While increased reliability is one of the main advantages of dedicated hosting, like we mentioned, that will depend on the specific provider, so make sure to do your research before going into business with one. The only disadvantage with dedicated hosting is its price. This service is expensive but ideal for advanced websites.
Dana Scott is an online marketer and a social media manager. She completely relies on the Internet and her smartphone for doing business. She is blogging mostly about web hosting, and vps. If you want to connect with Dana you can find her on Twitter – @DanaSC32.

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  • Ya,i agree with you, Choosing the wrong company to host your website can cost you time and money. When I first started building websites I relied on reviews from other website as guidance.

    A few web hosts that were high on “top 10″ lists turned out to be terrible.
    Whenever you choose a hosting provider,be aware that provider is trustworthy and whether they provide good technical support.Please don’t go by ads.

    I have over 10 years of experience managing my own sites with several different web hosting companies, as well as managing sites for clients on various web hosts.

    By my personal experience i will suggest 9CubeHosting.com they are indeed doing good service in hosting and they provide excellent customer service and support.