Using note taking apps for blogging

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Note taking
You need several things for a good blog post – some writing skills, intimate knowledge of the subject and a sense for what`s currently popular and interesting. However, by far the most important piece of the puzzle is the topic itself, the approach you are going to take. Naturally, coming up with amazing ideas is not exactly something that you can force, inspiration can hit when you least expect it which is why you should always have the means of keeping your ideas for later use. However, this is not the only help that apps of this type can provide, as some of them can actually be used as a useful research tool that can help you organize your thoughts and facts, which makes it easier to both come up with an idea and to actually write the post once you have decided on the topic.
Some of the note taking apps and their use :

Spring Pad


Spring Pad brings note taking and social networking closer. Not only can you use your Google, Yahoo!, Twitter or Facebook account to sign in, you can read other people`s interesting notes and interact with their creator through comments. When it comes to its basic, note taking, functionality, Spring Pad gives you all the control and comprehensiveness you need by offering the option of sorting your notes in folders and then categorizing and tagging those folders for easier navigation. The app is available for iOS and Android.


This Android and iOS app allows you not only to easily organize your apps in color coded folders, but, what can be especially useful for bloggers, attach documents or media files to your notes. You don`t have to worry about your storage, as every SomNote account comes with 100 MB of cloud storage. Another advantage of this app is that it gives you access to several previous versions of your note, in case you make a mistake and need to backtrack. Finally, if you are concerned about someone getting access to your private thoughts or notes of more sensitive nature, you can easily protect your notes 
with a password.



While it doesn`t really offer all that much when it comes to organizing your notes, Papyrus allows you to easily jot them down in handwriting using your finger or a stylus. While smartphones are becoming more common than wallets, a lot of people are still not used to virtual, touch input keyboards, and this app might be just what they need. You can zoom in or out of your notes, and the app uses vector graphics for easy text input and recognition.




Even though there are probably not a lot of people out there who haven`t heard about this app, it would still be irresponsible to compose this kind of list without mentioning it. Downloaded more than 50 million times, this app can be used for advanced notes organizing and comes with a host of potentially useful features. Among others this includes smooth speech to text conversion, and 60 MB of cloud storage space. If you really need to make the most of the app, you can pay a yearly subscription of $45 and get access to more features and 16 GB of storage. Available for all major platforms, you can easily jot down something on your phone, and then proceed to organize your notes in detail on your PC.

Dana Scott is an online marketer and a social media manager. She completely relies on the Internet and her xperia neo smartphone for doing business. If you want to connect with Dana you can find her on Twitter – @DanaSC32.

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