Safety on Social Media: 10 Safe Social Media Sites for Kids

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Well, if you think that Facebook and Twitter are the only cool social networking sites, then you are in the wrong path. But if you want the kids to register on social networking sites, one must be careful to register them on these SNS. It will help the kids to be aware of the latest trend on internet and technology without ditching their youth. 

Below are the suggested social networking sites that are safe for the kids and family that can teach responsible social networking behavior. 

Kazaana. This one can help the parents to monitor the online activities of their kids. 

YourSphere. This social networking site allows the kids to have an interaction with others who hold the same interest. This is a safe site because it particularly punishes bullying and promote good citizenship. 

GiantHello. Formerly known as FaceChipz. This is designed for teens that mimics the look and feel of Facebook. They can leave comments, send private message, join groups, updating status and upload photos. 

Imbee. A trendy place for teens to hang out. It focuses on entertainment with imbeeRadio and other celebrity news. What more exciting about Imbee is that they provide web series and specials like Schooled by Andrew Bosch. Photos and videos can also be uploaded here. Parents must open an account so that they can control the security settings of the profile of their kids. A $1 is required using credit card verification. 

ScuttlePad. What makes this site safe is that the staff manually approved the photos being uploaded and the first names are only visible to other kids. The words are also restricted cause they are provided by the site. 

Club Penguin. A multiplayer online gaming social network. All the messages being sent to other users are being filtered and the accounts are only set up to see pre-written chat. Club Penguin is a site provided by Disney. 

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Everloop. For the kids who outgrown Club Penguin but of course, too young to use Facebook. The site lets the kids to post pictures, send message and play interactive games. A good site for Facebook replacement when it comes to gaming. 

Togetherville. The site is requiring the parent’s Facebook account to be connected. In this way, they can control the kids’ online presence. Togetherville looks like Facebook but it does not allow outside links or private conversations. The security of this site uses webcam for kids to log in with facial recognition technology. It only allows kids to communicate with others in their grade. A human double checks if the MeKey matches the facial profile with age of a kid by the time of signing in. 

Fooz Kids. A paid social network that lets the parents to control the what their kids can see on the web and what are not good for them. 

Remember that the internet can help the people to interact, research and share information but there are circumstances that it’s not safe at all. So, parents should protect the kids while using the full potential of internet for educational needs of the kids. 

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