Online Shopping: A New Way to Connect With Customers!

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Profit making is the crux of any business model. And to achieve remarkable sales numbers and revenues, companies try every possible method to please the customers. In today’s age with so much of competition, no company can afford to lose a single customer. Moreover, there is an ongoing rat race intending to grab a major portion of the competitor’s customer base. Thus, a lot of schemes, discounts, offers etc. are on offer every now and then to woo the shoppers. But, these conventional methods are not enough to win a large number of consumers. Therefore, retailers are reinventing their business models and a lot of conventional retailers are now trying their luck in the flourishing online shopping market in India. The only reason behind such a move is that, these sellers do not want to lose their customers at any cost. 

However, in a country like ours, convincing people to buy products online is a tough task since a large chunk of the population still visits malls and nearby shops to purchase monthly groceries, apparels and other household essentials. Nevertheless, at the same time, there is another lot that wants to experiment and try other ways of shopping as well. This consumer segment belongs to the working professionals, who seldom find time to go shopping or spend hours at cash counters. Therefore, the online shopping sites in Indiaare trying hard to lure this segment of consumers as it is ready to accept the change. In fact, it is much more convenient and comfortable for them. 

To the advantage of these shopping sites, the number of people going online for their purchase is increasing slowly and steadily. Also, such customers are not only restricted to urban parts of India or metro cities, but villages, tier 2 and tier 3 cities have also seen a rise in the number of online shoppers. This is mainly due to the reach of internet in most corners of the country. Now online retailers are tapping the market in remote areas, where people have limited shopping options and practically no shopping malls. The delivery and logistics team of such retailers is so strong that the product can be made available in the faraway corners of the country without any delay. 

Correspondingly, since the customer base of such areas is a bit conventional, these online shopping sites in India have introduced cash on delivery payment option so that the most hesitant of the lot can easily place the order online. This is one of the major reasons why people from suburban areas have accepted online shopping with open arms. 

Therefore, it can be easily said that these shopping sites are surely a new and unique way of connecting with customers. 



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