Phone of the year 2013- HTC ONE(M7)

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HTC One has been a revolution. It has put the Taiwanese based HTC Company right on top in the smart phone market. HTC One is considered as the primary Android handset nowadays. It has won many “Phone of the year” awards. If I were to evaluate all the smartphones as a neutral, I would crown HTC One as the best phone of the year 2013. 


Despite the HTC One being such a fantastic phone the worrying thing from the Taiwanese firms point of view is that they are struggling to make money, according to Q3 earnings reports they went into the red by $101.2 million due to poor performance of the One and some of their other available handsets.

It is not as if HTC One was a monopolized product. There are many smart phone giants in the form of Apple, Nokia and other Android rivals that make the smart phone market fiercely competitive. 

Long term brilliance 


HTC One was first revealed in February, right before MWC 2013. HTC One is not exactly a new phone that has just come off the shelf. It is a phone that has been the circle of attention for Android users for a few months now. During this time, HTC One has shown us why exactly it is the most desirable smart phone in the market today. An expert recently called it “Perhaps the first most desirable Android phone”, suggesting that HTC One has a fan following that might match iPhone’s. 

Other smart phones in the “phone of the year” race

If we are to select top three phones in terms of usage, popularity and specs, the three phones that would stand out are: iPhone 5S and Google Nexus 5. All these phones are brilliant and have standout qualities. But to me it’s all about the balance and price is a also a factor. For example HTC One has 4.7” display screen which is better than iPhone and Nexus 5. Secondly, the battery timing also edges out iPhone and Nexus 5.

In addition to this, HTC One has ‘Sense UI’ technology which makes it the most user-friendly smart phones around. HTC One is also a ‘tough nut’; it has a strong casing and body.

It is understandable though, that all the major smart phones in the market today are very closely matched, you cannot discredit one phone completely in the favor of the other.

Why HTC One stands out then?


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Being a smart phone maniac and a tech enthusiast, I have used and tested many smart phones and picking out one is indeed a tough decision.


HTC One is sort of a trend setter. I won’t go into detailed specs because you can find it everywhere on the internet. HTC One is a living proof of how high Android phones can go. Its design, its functionality, its specs, its features – everything is top notch.



What the future beholds – HTC One 2


While HTC One has taken the market by storm, people are already looking forward to its successor. There are several rumors of ‘HTC One 2’ coming out these days. Some say it will have a 5” display and will have Android KitKat 4.4 (as one would expect).

Let’s hope that these rumors are true.

Author Bio: Nuur Hasan is a software engineer at Gloria9 Technologies. He has a passion for hardware and expertise in software. Contact him at, if you are interested in Mobile Applications, Website and Software Development.
So do you think we have chosen  the right phone to be the phone of the year or do you have some other options do mention in the comment section below.


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