Why Allo is my favorite announcement from Google I/O 2016?

Sundar Pichai led Google, this year at its annual conference announced a ton of things starting from Google Home to Instant Apps but what caught my attention the most was Allo because on one of these days I was wondering about the monopoly of Facebook in the messaging arena with two of the most used messaging apps namely Facebook Messenger and recently acquired WhatsApp and I came to a conclusion that no app can probably beat Facebook because of the number of users it has acquired since its existence but then comes Google with the Allo’s announcement to compete with Facebook, an app which is packed with features that were missing from the current messaging ecosystem.

Google I/O 2015: Predictions, Live Streaming and much more

Hey folks! As you might already know, Google’s two-day annual developer conference – Google I/O 2015  is commencing on Thursday, May 28th in San Francisco. It pilots with a two-and-a-half hour keynote by Sundar Pichai who is the Senior Vice President at Google. Keynotes is one of the most awaited part of the I/O, because it…